Last Updated: April 28, 2023

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About Quickbook Accountants

The term QuickBooks accountant may be new to quite a number of people. It is expected that many people will assume that a QuickBooks Accountant is just a regular accountant. Well, while there are great similarities in the functions that these two groups of people play, there is also a defining difference that sets them apart. Consequently, this results in a different set of advantages for the QuickBooks Accountant.

Accountants are responsible for all accounting work in a company or business. They are expected to analyze and plan for the financial aspects of the business. They also offer financial advice, auditing, tax planning, and business consulting services. These services are important in the growth of any company and therefore, an accountant becomes a necessary addition to the staff of any performance oriented company.

A QuickBooks accountant can be described as a person who does all the functions of an accountant but does so with the help of the accounting software QuickBooks. They electronically keep records of every transaction, and may use QuickBooks for tasks such as creating reports or financial projections.

Benefits of a QuickBooks Accountant

While a regular accountant will still get the job done, the efficiency of using a software for accountancy purposes cannot be overlooked. Quickbooks is a specially designed software whose sole purpose is accounting. It provides a platform for an accountant to perform all required functions. Additionally, maintaining electronic records is much easier and efficient than working with manual records. Storing, retrieving, and editing records suddenly becomes a very simple task. What is more, it becomes quite easy to share financial records with the company’s management and there is no need for them to request for records every time they need to check out a certain financial aspect of the company. All they need is access rights.

While Quickbooks is not meant to replace the accountant, and neither does it mean that they should not have all accounting know-how, financial calculations, and report creation are made easier with the use of QuickBooks. One no longer needs to spend long gruesome hours struggling to balance books of accounts or creating required reports for the completed financial year. A QuickBooks accountant can have all these and more ready in a few short hours. All they will need to do is feed the software with the required information and then verify the output to be what is expected.The average cost of hiring a QuickBooks Accountant.

Cost to Hire a Quickbooks Accountant

Like any other hired service, the cost of hiring a Quickbooks accountant depends on a number of variables. It is imporssible to definitively state a figure that a company will be charged. This is because an accountant with previous accounting experience and extensive knowledge about QuickBooks will charge a higher hourly rate compared to a junior accountant who is just starting off. Additionally, it will depend on the size of the firm and also the amount of work that is to be done. However, price ranges for hiring a QuickBooks Accountant may vary as follows:

  • Junior QuickBooks accountants will demand between $50 – $100 an hour.
  • Experienced accountants with extensive previous experience will demand between $120 and $220 for every hour worked.

While these price ranges are rough estimates, the actual price quoted may once in a while fall out of this range depending on the amount and complexity of the task.

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