Last Updated: July 25, 2022

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When you need to clear trees from a site, there's a lot more involved than simply attacking them with a chainsaw. Something has to be done with the stump. That's where a skid steer stump grinder attachment enters the picture, grinding stumps to a few inches below ground level - and sometimes further. The best attachments mount quickly and easily to your loader and allow the operator to control them from inside the skid steer's cab for optimum safety and efficiency.

Choosing the Right Stump Grinder Attachment

The stump grinder attachment doesn't have quite the power of a dedicated grinder, but most operations prefer it to buying and maintaining another piece of heavy equipment. Using a skid steer even allows the operator to level the ground once the stump is removed, without ever leaving the cab.

Since your loader's hydraulics power your grinder, you need to look at the specs of both machine and attachment to ensure they're compatible. If you have a 20 GPM (gallons per minute) loader and your attachment requires 40 GPM, you're never going to get the performance you expect. And, you're going to shorten the life of your skid steer in the process.

The swing function included in some grinder models also siphons away power, typically reducing the grinder's performance. They also tend to present more complications as regards compatibility and maintenance. If you prefer an attachment with swing, keep these items in mind.

Non-swing models use a perpendicular grinding wheel and send full hydraulic power to the head. The grinding function may only work when the machine is in either forward or reverse, although there are models that allow you to grind in either direction.

You'll also need to decide if you're more interested in high speed or high torque; you rarely find machines capable of both, at least not in tandem. The typical motor uses positive displacement (geroler-gerotor) type that provides around 70 percent efficiency. Piston powered motors are significantly more efficient - up to 96 percent - but don't choose a piston motor unless you know the manufacturer is highly respected and reputable, since you pay more for this type.

How Much Does a Stump Grinder Attachment Cost?

Items dictating cost include blade diameter, the attachment's GPM requirements, manufacturer, vendor, and any extras not included in the package, such as hydraulic kit and cutter wheel. In general, you can expect to pay in the $6,000 to $11,000 range. Used attachments sell for around half the price of new, just make sure you inspect and test the item before purchasing. If that isn't possible, request a live video demonstration and only purchase from reputable sources.

  • Triple S Products stump grinder skid steer attachment, 1/2" x 24" diameter steel plate cutting wheel, bi-directional cutting design, 34 carbide teeth, 15-30 GPM, price range: $6,200 to $6,600
  • Bradco 30 High Flow skid steer stump grinder, 30” diameter cutting wheel, requires 29-44 GPM, 12” below ground cutting, 60-degree range of motion, price range: $6,500 to $6,900
  • Skid Pro SP24-S650 stump grinder skid steer loader attachment, 24” cutting wheel, 34 carbide teeth, 25-45 GPM, unique design cuts 10” below ground, direct drive motor, price range:  $6,500 to $7,000
  • Spartan Equipment skid steer stump grinder attachment high flow, ½” cutting wheel, bi-directional cutting design, Eaton Char Lynn hydraulic motor, 24" diameter cutting wheel and 55 degree, requires 31-42 GPM, price range: $7,500 to $8,000
  • Bradco SG-30 skid steer stump grinder attachment, 30" wheel, 28 teeth standard single bolt-on tooth, 25-40 GPM, 45" sweep, 25-degree lift, grinds 12" below ground surface, price range: $7,800 to $8,200
  • Blue Diamond stump grinder skid steer attachment, 26" wheel, high flow 39-45 GPM, high torque radial piston motor, requires case drain line, price range: $10,200 to $10,800

Things to Consider when Buying a Stump Grinder Attachment

One of the first things you have to consider is compatibility between the attachment and your skid steer loader. In addition to whether your loader's capabilities meet the grinder's requirements, check its compatibility with the skid steer's make and model. Consider a universal attachment in the event you replace your loader.

Review the vendor's reputation online, as well as product reviews of the grinder. You can also talk to others in your industry for recommendations and an insider's view of how the item actually works. Finally, carefully review the warranty to ensure you understand what it covers and how long it lasts. If it isn't obvious, ask your vendor to explain the warranty before you sign anything.

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