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How Much Does a Skid Steer Bale Spear Attachment Cost?

When it comes to materials handling, hay bales may be the most awkward to maneuver, particularly round ones. A skid steer bale spear attachment keeps the bale right where you want it; no more rolling around. The spear pierces the center of round hay bales for easy lifting and hauling. Then, you simply lower the bale and withdraw the spear attachment. No muss, no fuss.

Operator expertise helps ensure secure transport. If the spear does not enter the hay bale near the center, it may cause spinning, which may in turn cause the hay to touch the ground during transport. Make sure your skid steer operators are familiar with proper technique for the bale spear attachment.

What Does a Bale Spear Attachment Do?

Unlike many skid steer attachments, a bale spear has only one real use: lift and transport hay bales.

Variances as to the number of tines, and their length, help determine the size and weight of hay bales your spear attachment can handle. The average tine length ranges from 26" to 44".

When working with square bales, a three-tine bale spear typically offers greater lift capacity (most are rated between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds). Most single- and double-spear attachments have a maximum lift capacity of 3,000 pounds. But, they're the better choice for round bales, where their greater stability makes up for their reduced lift capacity.

The bale spear attaches to the front of your skid steer. The operator drives up to the bale and pierces it with the spear attachment. He or she then lifts it for transport, preferably carrying it low to the ground for improved stability. Then, drive slowly to the destination, deposit the hay bale, and return for more.

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How Much Does a Bale Spear Attachment Cost?

Pricing varies, but not as widely as with most skid steer attachments. The greatest price determinants include vendor, manufacturer, the number and length of tines, and the attachment's gpm (gallons per minute) requirements.

  • Construction Attachments XTreme Duty Single bale spear universal skid steer quick attachment, 3,600 lbs. at 24" from frame capacity, 42.5" usable spear length, 1.75" diameter main carrying spear, 142 lbs, price range: $500 to $550
  • Construction Attachments XTreme Duty Universal skid steer quick attach dual bale spears, 3,600 lbs. at 24" from frame capacity, 42.5" usable spear length, 1.75" diameter main carrying spear, 182lbs, price range: $600 to $650
  • FFC Dual bale spear skid steer attachment, capacity of 3,000 lbs at 24", two 1.75" x 49" tines, price range: $800 to $900
  • Haugen's Round Bale spear skid steer attachment, Conus forged tines option and a cold rolled steel tines option, Conus forged tines 49", cold rolled steel tines 48", 2" diameter forged steel main spear, price range: $850 to $925
  • Construction Attachments XTreme Duty skid steer bale spear, universal quick attach, wide frame quad tines, 3,600 lbs. capacity at 24" from frame, 57" wide frame, 42.5" usable spear length, price range: $900 to $950
  • Haugen Large Square bale spear attachment, tines are easily replaceable, built-in 15-degree angle to assist with carrying bales, cold Rolled Tines option has two 37" and two 29" tines, Conus Forged Tines option has four 29" tines, price range: $900 to $1,200

You may also choose to purchase used equipment, which typically saves you around 40 to 50 percent. If you can't physically inspect the item before buying, ask for a live video demonstration.

Things to Consider before Buying

In addition to shopping around, researching, and obtaining multiple quotes, there are three main considerations before buying any skid steer attachment.

  • Compatibility: Not all attachments are compatible with all skid steers, so look carefully at the make and model of both your equipment and the bale spear. Also, consider purchasing universal attachments. These work on any type of skid steer, which allows you to keep the same attachment, even if you replace your equipment.
  • Warranty: What does the warranty cover? How long does it last? As always, look at the fine print before signing anything.
  • Reviews: You're spending a decent amount of money on a bale spear attachment, so take the time to look at reviews of both the item itself and the vendor. In addition to looking up reviews online, talk to others in your industry. What did they think of the vendor? Did they like the attachment? Would they buy from this vendor again? Would they buy this attachment again?

Author: Angela Escobar

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