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How Much Does it Cost to Rent an Aerial Lift?

Sometimes, size does matter. Aerial lift rentals can save you and your crew hours of productivity and dramatically increase efficiency on the job site. Having the ability to work with minimal scaffolding can help save time, money and potential safety concerns.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an Aerial Lift? Daily and Weekly Rates

In order to come up with an accurate budget, it is important to realistically consider how long you will require the equipment to finish your job. Also determine whether 2WD or 4WD is suitable and what kind of tires you need for the terrain you are dealing with.

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Estimated Rental Costs for Different Types of Aerial Lifts

  • 5500lbs 19' Telehandler: Ranges from $300/day to $1000/week.
  • 1000lbs 56' Telehandler: Ranges from $450/day to $1600/week.
  • 20' Runabout Personnel Lift: $120/day or $360/week.
  • 25' AWP Personal Lift: $100/day or $350/week.
  • 35' Towable Boom Lift: Ranges from $250/day or $800/week.
  • S40' Stick 4x4 Boom Lift: Ranges from $275/day or $950/week.
  • Z45' 4x4 Boom Lift: Ranges from $275/day or $950/week.
  • 19' x 32" Scissor Lift: Ranges from $120/day or $360/week.
  • 26' x 32" Scissor Lift: Ranges from $135/day or $400/week.
  • 6826 Rough Terrain Scissor Lift: Ranges from $185/day or $695/week.
  • 26' x 46" Scissor Lift: Ranges from $140/day or $425/week.
  • 32' x 46" Scissor Lift: Ranges from $150/day or $500/week.

2 Boom Lift Designs Available:

Telescopic or Straight Booms

These are ideal for certain jobs and have earned the nickname "Stick Booms" due to their design. When compared to other aerial platform models, telescopic boom lifts provide the highest horizontal outreach in comparison to other aerial platform models. Straight booms are often relied on for working within limited access areas.

Articulating or Knuckle Booms

Aerial work platforms designed with articulating sections enable workers to access locations that may be blocked with goods or equipment. These knuckle booms are exceptionally versatile and can safely lift and maneuver objects around obstacles.

Reputable Brand Names

Safety and security are always forefront when shopping for such an expensive and necessary piece of industrial equipment. Great brands include: Genie, Skyjack, Bobcat, JLG, Hyster and Crown. Research the specifications of the models you are interested in to see what would best suit your application.

Working Environment

Figuring out what lifting, height and weight requirements you need prior to renting and buying is just part of the puzzle. To ensure you are happy with your materials handling purchase or rental, you have to take into consideration the kind of terrain you will be traversing through and the temperatures you will be travelling in.

Pneumatic Tires vs. Cushion Tires

Tires or tracks are a huge part of your success. Will you be solely operating on smooth concrete indoors? Will you be working in muddy or slushy outdoor applications? Do you require a machine that can be used on ice and snow? Handling and transporting your load efficiently can vary depending on the kinds of tires you need.

Pneumatic or air-filled tires are most often used exteriorly in rough applications. Often outfitted with foam to resist punctures these tires are mounted to multi-piece rims. Cushion tires conversely, are typically used on smooth floors for warehouse situations. Available in a variety of polyurethane or rubber compounds; prices and lifespan vary. Any customer service representative will be happy to answer your questions regarding the best tires and accessories to get your job completed safely and on time.

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