Last Updated: February 07, 2023

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Cherry pickers or straight boom lifts are exceptional for safely getting crews where they need to be. Offering the most horizontal reach out of the aerial boom lift family, it is easy to see why these machines are such an integral part of numerous industries. Their capacity to complete a myriad of difficult jobs is made much easier thanks to the boom's ability to be lowered or raised from vertical to below horizontal. The lift is capable of being fully extended while still offering precise manoeuvrability.

Straight Boom Applications

Straight boom lifts are ideal for transporting cargo into and out of narrow locations. As they lift straight up and down, these machines pose less threat to damaging the cargo they are responsible for moving. These machines work tirelessly in the following industries:

  • Steel and Iron Production: For assembly and transportation of heavy manufactured goods.
  • Lumber and Forestry: Transporting support machines and equipment to jobs sites and even delivering logs for specific placement.
  • Painting: Commercial or residential interior and exterior painting and other high reach work can be easily and safely achieved.
  • Landscaping: Ideal for picking up and transporting heavy items including: fountains, plants, pots, lawn installations and boulders.
  • Construction: Straight boom lifts are often seen moving items from one location of the worksite to another. Everything from scaffolding to transporting equipment and materials can be achieved with the right model.
  • Electrical Applications: Often used to clear debris from severe storms and install and transport power lines and associated utilities.
  • Railway: Straight boom lifts are utilized to place and remove railroad tracks and transport maintenance and railway equipment.
  • Display and Exhibition: Hoisting objects, signs and products while in tight spaces.
  • Highway Safety: Straight booms are used to remove accident debris and damaged vehicles. They are an integral part of transporting equipment and materials needed for repairing roads.
  • Recycling Industry: These durable machines are perfect for transporting scrap metal, recycled parts and debris.

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How Much Does a Straight Boom Lift Cost?

Individuals who are looking to add this materials handling wonder to their fleet have a variety of options: renting or purchasing a new or used model. If you can foresee using this equipment on a regular basis, purchasing your own is much more economical than renting on a frequent basis. A 2015 Genie Zx135/70 model with a 141' platform height can be in the ballpark of $247K brand new.

If you don't need 60' to 70' horizontal reach, consider a different model. You can expect to pay 11K to purchase a 1996 dual fuel model with a 40' platform height for a refurbished model. If 125' platform height and diesel better suites your job requirements, budget $60K to $75K for a used machine.

Regardless of what your budget is, there is a suitable straight boom lift available. is an awesome resource for exploring your options. Refurbished models can still deliver the performance you desire and often at a fraction of the cost. The maintenance and capability of the machine has to pass strict regulations in order to be resold in safe operating capacity. A detailed history may be available as well as a variety of extended warranty options. Read the fine print prior to making your decision to ensure you are getting exactly what you pay for.

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