Last Updated: February 07, 2023

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Aerial Lifts can enable you to complete jobs in locations that are too difficult to reach with a standard forklift. There is an entire family of these material handling machines to choose from. If you are looking to purchase a used aerial lift, it is best to determine your needs prior to shopping. Second hand equipment has to meet a variety of safety tests in order to be resold by a reputable company. Experimenting with used equipment enables you to obtain valuable operator feedback and obtain performance reviews. Besides, it is the ultimate form of recycling!

These integral pieces of material handling equipment are capable of reaching side to side, extending outwards and can reach great heights. Certain aerial lift models have stabilizing booms or legs that keep the platform secure.

Factors to Consider that Affect Overall Pricing

Safety is priority #1, therefore, evaluate your criteria and determine the following:

  • What Weight Capacity do you require?
  • Is this for Indoor or Outdoor Application?
  • What are your Height Level Requirements?
  • What are you Horizontal Reach Requirements?

These are crucial questions to know the answers to in order to make sure you match up with the best model to suit your needs. There are a variety of boom lifts available. These machines are frequently relied on within the following industries: utility companies, emergency response teams, construction, agriculture, landscaping and warehousing. They enable operators to reach above, around and over other equipment and are ideal for stacking pallets and cargo on shelves.

Renting or Purchasing Aerial Lifts

These height masters come with a variety of reach capacities ranging from 40 feet to 125 feet. Models are categorized per Height Class:

  • 40' Height Class
  • 60' Height Class
  • 80' Height Class
  • 120' Height Class

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How Much Does a Used Aerial Lift Cost?

Pricing ranges from $500 to $80,000 depending on which model you require. A wide variety of equipment falls under the "Aerial Lift Category." To help you determine which member of the family will best compliment your fleet, consider the following:

Scissor Lift

These platforms rely on hydraulics to lift the operator up and down. There is zero horizontal reach capacity on these machines. They are commonly used for jobs up to 50' in the air. The scissor lift is a favorite choice as it is capable of lifting heavier items in comparison to bucket models. These models range from $12k to $70k. Consider engine powered hydraulic options or electric models.

Spider Lift

Hence the name, these specialized lifts utilize legs to stabilize the platform as it is lifted. Commonly used for interior projects in which floor protection is vital, window washing and landscaping. Industrial versions are available with tracks in place of wheels for commercial applications. Used spider lifts are available from $15k to $65; whereas brand new models range from $25k to $115k.

Boom Lifts

The versatility of these machines makes them a favorite on the jobsite. The budget for new and used models ranges from $22k to $210k. There are specific types that will increase your versatility including:

  • Articulating Boom: These models can move side to side once their boom has been extended. Various attachments including a bucket can allow employees to work on a variety of projects without having to raise and lower the boom in between tasks. Not having to relocate the base between projects saves time and energy.
  • Telescopic Boom: With a horizontal reach capacity up to 80', these are frequently utilized in limited access areas such as industrial or commercial settings.
  • Trailer Mounted Boom: Capable of being towed behind a vehicle, these mobile boom lifts traverse from job to job. Commonly referred to as a "Z boom," due to its' jointed design; this lightweight equipment enables and "up and over" capacity while it is extended.

Regardless of your application, there is the perfect used aerial lift available to help you finish your work. Understanding your needs prior to shopping will ensure you find the best machine to join your crew.

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