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How Much Does a Towable Lift or Man Lift Cost?

Towable lifts and man lifts are widely used in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. These machines come in numerous sizes and have individual specs regarding reach height and weight capacity. Keep you and your crew safe and secure by choosing the right piece of equipment to get the job done. Adding a more stable piece of equipment to your fleet will ensure your employees stay off of scaffolding, ladders or pump jacks.

Man Lift vs. Towable Lift

Bucket trucks are abundant and many options are available from your local dealer. Renting or purchasing new or used is an option for every type of industrial equipment. Although bucket trucks may be more abundant, it is necessary to determine your needs prior to purchasing. Bucket trucks have the reputation for being more stable when you are extended; however, they are known for being tricky to work on and unreliable if you need the machine to complete any form of hose work.

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Tow-behind models however, need an appropriate vehicle to transport them around the jobsite. There is more demand for these models so expect to pay a higher price. Certain models are considered to be difficult to maneuver behind a truck and may be tippy. Those who don't have access to a truck or trailer for hauling can look into pick up and delivery options from the dealer; however, this is not going to help much if you need to use this equipment in multiple locations.

Inspect Your Machine Prior to Purchasing

Many people are in a hurry and will take the accompanying paperwork at face value. If you want to protect yourself, conduct your own thorough inspection. Bounce in the basket and raise and lower the boom. Push the boom sideways after slightly raising it and check for movement. Inquire about the electrical components and history of used equipment to avoid electrical issues. Many machines require an analyzer to for troubleshooting electrical problems. Knowing about potential issues ahead of time can allow you to budget more effectively.

Ongoing Maintenance

Any materials handling equipment needs to be inspected daily to maintain safety and security. Owners and operators need to comprehend the specifications and be knowledgeable regarding which parts are likely to wear out the fastest. Ongoing maintenance needs to be worked into the budget. Man lifts and towable lifts are famous for their extensive hydraulic lines that are subject to constant wear and tear. Have a great mechanic on hand if you are purchasing the machine. Daily, weekly or monthly rentals can potentially save you maintenance headaches; as a new machine will be delivered if the one you are leasing calls it quits. However, if you have tons of work to complete, renting is not going to be your most economical option.

How Much Does a Towable Lift or Man Lift Cost?

A 65' 4WD Genie lift can be rented for approximately $2400/month. This machine runs upwards of $100K for brand new and remains stable at 30,000 lbs. There are many models to choose from: 9HP gas engines or DC electric versions.

Daily Rental Rates

  • $95-$150 for models up to 20 feet
  • $135-$225 for models 21 feet to 50 feet
  • $155-$275 for models 51 feet to 80 feet
  • $199-$350 for models over 80 feet

Weekly Rental Rates

  • $350-$700 for models up to 20 feet
  • $400-$775 for models 21 feet to 50 feet
  • $445-$1000 for models 51 feet to 80 feet
  • $750-$1200 for models over 80 feet

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