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How Much Does a Terramite Backhoe Loader Cost? Find Terramite Backhoe Loaders for Sale

From its home in West Virginia, Terramite spent over 50 years perfecting the compact tractor and backhoe loader.

The manufacturer first moved into tunneling equipment in 1965, when it created a digging attachment for tractors, calling the resultant machine the Model 1. Their next unit, appropriately titled Model 2, incorporated a split hydraulic system to create a single machine with both a backhoe and a front loader. Terramite backhoe loaders are part of the manufacturer's T Series. Accessories and special features include four-wheel drive and turbo Perkins engines.

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The Terramite Backhoe Loader Product Line

Terramite offers three backhoe loader models. Appropriate applications include spreading and loading, landscaping, and installing septic tanks. It's also a popular choice for laying water, sewer, and gas lines. Industries choosing the T Series include utilities, landscapers, general contractors, plumbers, maintenance teams for golf courses and cemeteries, and utility companies.


The T5 compact tractor loader backhoe (CTLB) has a 25 horsepower gasoline engine with a dig depth of 8'4". It weighs 3,180 pounds, with a loader lift capacity of 1,700 pounds and backhoe breakout force of 5,900 pounds. Its rigid frame and all-steel construction make it a durable powerhouse despite its compact size.

Expect to pay upwards of $24,000 for a new T5, with additional costs for attachments, accessories, and special features. Pre-owned units start at around $8,400 for older models, all the way up to like-new prices for recent models with all the bells and whistles.


The T7 CTLB has a 24.8 horsepower Kubota Tier 4 Final diesel engine and a dig depth of 8'8". It weighs 4,180 pounds, with a loader lift capacity of 1,700 pounds and a backhoe breakout force of 5,900 pounds. The unit's dump height is 96".

It has the same durable all-steel construction as the T5, with a high capacity front loader bucket that has a 4-in-1 option for scrape, load, carry, and grab capabilities. The dual front curl cylinders give the T7 a faster cycle time.

Pricing on the T7 starts at around $31,000. As you add special features and accessories, the price goes up. The same is true for used models, which start at around $11,000.


The T9 compact tractor loader backhoe (CTLB) has a Kubota 32.8 horsepower diesel engine, with optional two-wheel or four-wheel drive and a dig depth of 10 feet. It has a backhoe breakout force of 6,100 pounds with large 2.5" and 3" cylinders. Despite its all-steel construction, it still fits into compact spaces and can be towed by a three-quarter ton pickup.

This unit has a high capacity front loader with a 102" dump height and a quick-attach rear bucket for quick change out. The front bucket also has a 4-in-1 option with scrape, load, carry, and grab capability. This is a highly flexible unit with plenty of power and easy maintenance.

A new T9 starts at around $33,000 for the two-wheel drive model and close to $38,000 for the four-wheel drive option. Expect to pay more as you add special features and accessories. Used models start at around $12,000, increasing in cost for newer units and those with add-on features.

Terramite Dealers

Pricing varies by dealer, sometimes dramatically. When obtaining quotes, be sure to look at exactly what the quote includes so that you're comparing apples to apples.

If you're in the market for a new Terramite backhoe loader, contact a few dealers for both price comparisons and to determine the best unit to fulfill your needs.

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Author: Ashley Smith


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