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How Much Does a Terex Backhoe Loader Cost? Find Terex Backhoe Loaders for Sale

The Terex Corporation produced its first backhoe loader in 1959. Then and today, the manufacturer's goal is producing quality machines that give Terex customers high productivity capabilities for a great return on investment.

Terex backhoe loaders come with a wide variety of special features and upgrade options for every part of the machine. Add-ons include windscreen with wiper, seatbelts, air conditioning, lockable vandal covers, premium seating options, ride control, and variable excavator bucket sizes and configurations.

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Terex Backhoe Loader Products

Terex offers two basic backhoe loader types, the center mount and sideshift, with multiple models available for each type.

Center Mount

  • TLB840R: With a 74 horsepower engine and dig depth between 14'9" and 18', this is a powerful unit. Bucket breakout force clocks in at 9,441 pounds, with a lift capacity of 7,291 pounds. Design includes ergonomic controls, lumbar support seating, and unrestricted visibility for the operator. Loading height is 13'5" for excellent clearance, especially with the curved boom design.
  • New units start at around $73,500, with used models selling for around $48,000 and climbing based on the year and number of features.
  • TX760B: This is Terex's model designed for maximum productivity, making it the perfect choice for contractors. It features a 94 horsepower engine and has a maximum dig depth of 19'3". This powerhouse has a lift capacity of 7,604 pounds and an optional 86 horsepower Perkins turbo induction engine with powershift transmission for clutch-less operation. This is a highly versatile machine, with the same curved boom design and ergonomic controls found standard in Terex machines.
  • A new TX760B starts at around $54,000, with pricing varying per dealer and accessories. Used units come in at around $21,000 for older models and over $45,000 for newer machines.


  • TLB840: The TLB840 has a 94 horsepower engine and a maximum dig depth of 17'8". The curved boom design provides amazing reach and the ability to move beyond most obstacles. Ergonomic controls and seating with lumbar support offer maximum operator comfort, and service points positioned near ground level make for easy maintenance.
  • New units start at around $70,000, depending on add-on features and dealer. Used models start at around $30,000, with prices increasing for newer models and those with extra features.
  • TLB850: This powerful, versatile unit comes with a 93.8 horsepower engine and a maximum dig depth of 17'8". Terex maximizes operator comfort with lumbar support and suspension seating and ergonomic controls. The curved boom design provides amazing reach around most obstacles.
  • New units come in at around $76,000, with prices increasing for add-ons and accessories. Used pricing starts at around $33,000.
  • TLB890: With a 100 horsepower engine and 18'6" maximum dig depth, this is a powerful machine with incredible capabilities, thanks to high-pressure hydraulics and a rear axel with outboard planetary gears.
  • Unfortunately for North and South Americans, it's nearly impossible to find a TLB890 anywhere but Europe. Even there, your best bet is a used model. These start at around $44,000.
  • TLB990: Another powerful unit with a 100 horsepower, liquid cooled engine, and a maximum dig depth of 18'6". It features all wheel steering with a crab-steer mode, plus a hydraulic power braking system for steep grades.
  • This unit is also impossible to find anywhere but Europe, with used units starting at around $61,000.

Terex Pricing and Vendors

Pricing varies from dealer to dealer, and also as you add features, options, and attachments to your purchase package. Upgrades such as four-wheel drive and automatic transmission add thousands to the purchase price, but increase productivity and improve operator conditions. Popular attachments, such as augers, breakers, and stump grinders, add another $1,000 to $2,000 each.

When obtaining dealer quotes, take the time to determine what exactly each quote includes, such as delivery or training, to ensure you compare apples to apples. You always want to review quotes from at least three vendors. Be wary of quotes coming in significantly lower than the competition; this indicates potential issues and hidden charges and fees.

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Author: Ashley Smith


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