Last Updated: February 07, 2023

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About Case Backhoe Loaders

With a backhoe at one end and a loader bucket at the other, the backhoe loader makes a versatile, two-in-one machine, perfect for the construction site or anywhere that space is at a premium.

In the business since the late 1800s, CASE Construction Equipment is one of the oldest manufacturers in the heavy equipment industry. The company started as a pioneer in creating equipment designed for road construction. Today, the CASE N Series of backhoe loaders has the highest lifting capacity, fastest speeds, and quietest cabs in the industry. They're a top choice for excavating, craning, grading, and loading at construction sites around the world.

CASE Backhoe Loader Models and Prices

The CASE N Series is the manufacturer's backhoe loader product line. Each machine comes with varying speeds and lift capacity.

  • 580N: This model has an over-center backhoe design that helps reduce spillage, with an SCR Tier 4 Final engine that meets emissions regulations while ensuring maximum power. Daily maintenance is easy and keeps the unit running efficiently. New models start at around $58,000, with used options available from $45,000. Pricing goes up from there depending on extra features.
  • 580N EP: CASE categorizes this as the efficient power version of its 580N model. The Tier 4 Final engine is maintenance-free and 74 horsepower. It has a lift capacity of 2,858 pounds, peak torque of 233 lb.-ft, and 11,517 pounds of breakout force. Loader bucket lift capacity clocks in at 6,500 pounds. New models cost up to $120,000, with used models ranging from around $36,000 to $84,000, depending on the unit's age and accessories.
  • 580 Super N: This model includes a PowerLift feature for increased productivity and a lift capacity of over 3,900 pounds. It also has a Tier 4 Final engine for maximum strength while still maintaining emissions compliance. With swing-out coolers and ground-level hydraulic test ports, maintenance is easy. It also features spin-on filters and grouped service points. Axels may be serviced without the need to completely disassemble. A new unit costs up to $120,000, with used models available from around $36,000.
  • 580 Super N WT: Lift capacity of this powerhouse tops 4,000 pounds, with excellent flotation, low ground pressure, and a wide stance giving it enhanced stability. New units start at around $100,000, with used models available for about half that price, increasing in price for newer used models.
  • 590 Super N: This is CASE's largest backhoe loader, with a breakout force of nearly 13,700 pounds for the front loader, and a lifting capacity of 4,000 pounds and digging depth of 19.5 feet. The CASE Quiet Cab offers comfortable seating, intuitive controls, and excellent sightlines. New models top out at around $154,000, with used models starting at around $64,000 and going up from there according to age and accessories.

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All costs vary by dealer, as well as by extra features and accessories. The greatest determinants of cost are horsepower, machine size, and dig depth, with pricing increasing along with increases in those factors.

  • Expect to pay around $30,000 for a model with a dig depth between 9 and 10 feet
  • Expect to pay between $50,000 and $90,000 for a model with a dig depth of 14 feet
  • Expect to pay $75,000 to $110,000 for a model with a dig depth between 15 and 16 feet
  • Expect to pay over $110,000 for a model with a dig depth greater than 16 feet

Upgrades and optional features may increase the price by thousands of dollars. Common upgrades that improve operability include automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

Common attachments include augers, breakers, and stump grinders. Expect to pay an additional $1,000 to $2,000 for each attachment.

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