Last Updated: February 07, 2023

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If the open road beckons, you're a stickler for safety and you like being your own boss; a career in commercial trucking might be the way to go. The most common question people ask when shopping for any vehicle is "How much is this rig gonna cost me?" Obviously, there is a wide range of answers here, depending on what exactly you are looking for.

How Much does a Used Semi Truck Cost?

Factors to consider that directly influence pricing include: the miles on the truck, overall condition, age and model. Be prepared to spend up to $100K for models that are only a few years old. If $40K to $60K is more your budget; look for trucks that are at least seven years old. You can secure a decent used semi between $35K and $45K if you are willing to use an older model in the ten to fifteen year old range.

Maintenance Considerations

Will you experience more downtime with an older truck? Possibly; however, it depends on how the vehicle has been cared for up until this point. Check over the maintenance log and paperwork records to see if there are any red flags.

Newer models employ the latest technology to keep you safe. Fuel saving components are common, along with accident avoiding technology installed on many models to help operators maintain safety.

All heavy-duty diesel engine makers rely on selective catalytic reduction to take care of the nitrogen oxide present in exhaust. This feature prolongs engine life by removing some of the stress load. If you can afford to go with a newer used model, you may save yourself some potential maintenance headaches and have technology on your side.

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Benefits of Buying a Used Semi Truck

  • Future scratches and dents won't hurt as much if you are riding around in a truck that has been previously loved
  • Used trucks have less depreciation compared to brand new
  • Less insurance costs compared to brand new
  • Eliminate extras that may come standard on newer models
  • Upgrading is affordable
  • Sales tax and registration savings
  • Can avoid working with diesel exhaust fluid

Leasing Options

Purchasing a used semi truck can still be an expensive endeavor. This major investment can be offset by setting up a payment plan through your dealer. Check your credit ahead of time to see if there are any outstanding snags that may impinge your paperwork approval. Provide payment receipts to the financing department as it can take weeks or months for old items to disappear from your credit rating. It is important to fill out your loan or lease application with your best available credit score to increase your chances of success.

Many individuals in the trucking industry say that a used truck is the only way to go for those just starting out on their own and getting into the industry. Work out payment options on a few different price points to determine what will be a comfortable commitment.

Vehicle inspections can pinpoint potential problems and give you a better timeline of what to budget for and which parts are coming up for replacement. Simply fill out our free request for quote form to receive multiple quotes from local semi dealers. Happy shopping and safe trucking!

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