Last Updated: February 07, 2023

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You have probably seen some amazing vinyl wrapped vehicles advertising anything from flower delivery to maid services, home nursing care and professional painters. Available in practically any finish or color scheme, more individuals are using their vehicles to advertise their business and it works! City buses are increasingly advertising on behalf of local and national organizations as well. Imagine a bold, high-quality vinyl sticker that customizes your vehicle. The options are as varied as your own imagination!

Lifetime Expectations

On average, your vinyl wrap investment will last 5 to 10 years. Of course, much of the longevity depends on the environment you are travelling in and the conditions in which the vehicle is stored. Wraps are capable of being utilized on furniture, flooring, trailers, walls, boats, laptops, wave runners and almost any smooth and flat surface. Some brands guarantee their vinyl wraps to last a minimum of ten years on horizontal locations such as the truck, hood and roof and only 2 years on vertical applications.

How Much Does a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Cost?

Since every job is a custom order, your best bet is to take some photos and obtain a variety of quotes. Visit your local wrap professional and check out their shop. Speak with the installers to learn about the process and make an informed decision. Factors that determine prices include:

  • Size of vehicle
  • Finish, texture and color you choose
  • Complexity of installation

On average, a full vehicle wrap can range between $2000 to $4500 depending on the chosen style, size and intricacy of the job. is a place where you can conduct some online research prior to making your decision. Remember, this will be a business write off and advertising expense for you at tax time. Choose a style and graphics package that best suits your needs and delivers your message with panache!

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Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Benefits

Protecting your original paint is one of the reason's people choose a vinyl wrap process in comparison to custom paint graphics or magnetic advertising that can potentially lead to scratches and damage from trapped dust and particulates. Reputable installers have undergone training and have the experience to complete your job on time and on budget.

Many companies rely on Knifeless Tape and similar products to execute precise edges along the painted surface without using a blade. These specialty tools enable intricate trimming to occur that showcases your custom graphics without damaging your original paint.

Additional Benefits of Vinyl Wrapped Vehicles Include:

  • Protecting your resale value by preserving OEM paint
  • Lease agreements and warranties remain valid as opposed to becoming void with paint. Painting is not an option for leased vehicles and can increase insurance costs.
  • Looks like paint from a distance.
  • Much less expensive and less time consuming compared to a traditional paint job.
  • Acts as a protective skin layer for your vehicle.
  • Vinyl wraps wear better than paint when cared for correctly.
  • Available in semi-gloss, matte, carbon fiber, brushed steel, leather-like, chrome and metallic flake finishes.
  • Simple to re-wrap any portion that needs repair in the future.

This product enables you to make a statement and utilize your vehicle as an awesome business asset. Maybe it's time to think outside of the box and join this amazingly durable advertising solution!

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