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How Much Does a Powder Coating Oven Cost?

Imagine all of the fun and work-related projects you could complete having your own powder coating oven. Applying fast drying paint to your automotive, ATVs, bicycles or motorcycle parts is much more economical and convenient when you don't have to travel to drop off and pick up your items.

How Does Powder Coating Work?

Traditional paint often takes hours to dry and cure. This can be time consuming if you are in an industry that requires copious amounts of metallic puzzle pieces to be painted prior to assembly. Dry powder is applied to a metal surface and then cured at high temperatures in a special oven. The heating process causes a skin to form; providing a rust resistant finish in whatever color you prefer.

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References Please

Many online manufacturers are relatively new to the industry. Numerous companies producing batch ovens have less than 3 years of experience with these mighty machines. Do your research and ask for references. Read online customer reviews from unbiased sources to determine who's for real and which companies are best to avoid. Visit KompareIt.com to gain a wealth of information regarding pricing, models and specification info. Only choose a powder coating oven that meets all of the codes and passes all regulation requirements in your vicinity.

Safety First

Ensure your powder coating oven has the proper stickers and labels displayed on the oven to show the safety criteria has been met. Saving a few thousand dollars to purchase a less expensive model will be even more disastrous if the oven causes a fire and insurance denies the claim due to unreliable equipment.

Oven Size

Understand the scope of the jobs you have lined up and those you want to take on as business increases. Purchase accordingly so that you have the room to complete your largest items with ease.

Electric Ovens vs. Gas Ovens

If you are dealing with gas or electric ovens that are 100 cubic feet or smaller, the operational costs will be similar. However, as size increases, propane/gas ovens will become less expensive to operate. A large amount of electricity is required to heat larger amounts of air. Ovens that are eight feet and long and bigger may be much more economical if gas is chosen due to the amp draws required.

Operational Costs

Do you want to pay $5/hour to run your equipment or $40/hour? Be sure to take all of your operating costs into account prior to choosing your model. It is easy to save money initially on your oven only to find out that you need to spend significantly more in terms of operational costs.

How Much Does a Powder Coating Oven Cost?

Expect to pay approximately $16K for a Hot Coat Single Phase Power Coating oven. A small electric model can be obtained for $2K - $3K. Decent sized used models are available between $8K - $10K. View a myriad of options on KompareIt.com to discover what options are available. Compare new and used models and research your options prior to buying. Remember, knowledge is power; knowing which brands you like and the features you desire prior to shopping will make the entire process go much more smoothly.

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