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Renting a Dump Truck - Costs, Sizes and Rental Length

Dump trucks enable construction workers, quarry workers, renovation specialists and junk removers to transport thousands of pounds from one location or another. Often used to carry sand, gravel, dirt and compost, these specialized trucks can deliver their loads efficiently and precisely with the help of an experienced driver.

Renting vs. Buying

Brand new dump trucks are available from $150K to $600K or more. This is obviously an expensive investment to undertake; especially for those just starting out. If you need to transport cement barriers, waste, logs or landscaping materials on a regular basis, a dump truck provides the best industrial option. There are various load capacities and models to choose from depending on how much weight you need to transport. Gas and diesel choices are available.

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As purchasing can be expensive; consider leasing or renting a dump truck for a specific time period. Many dealerships can arrange a truck and operator with one simple phone call. Secure your dump truck with little money down by opting to rent or lease instead of purchasing.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Dump Truck?

Most companies rent on a daily basis. If you require the truck for an extended amount of time, inquire about weekly or monthly rates. If your job requires a dump truck for a year or longer, leasing will be your best bet. A 4 axle Bobtail grossing at 55,000 lbs can be secured for around $95/hour. A tiny truck with a 5-6 cubic yard capacity is in the range of $250 to $450/day or $750-$1000/week.

Larger models, capable of hauling 12 - 14 cubic yards can run approximately $750-$850 per day or between $1700-$1900/week. It is easy to see how time and money are related when determining the best dump truck to complete your scope of work. Heavy duty models that specialize in off-road applications can start at $1200 - $1800/day. Be sure you crunch the numbers accurately before signing on the dotted line. Take into consideration any potential weather delays or delivery date changes that could potentially cost you extra time.

Short Term and Seasonal Options

If you can get all of your hauling completed in a short timeframe or only require a dump truck seasonally, renting may be your best option. As with most things, the longer the rental, the cheaper the rates. Understand that certain dealers may require a deposit on top of the rental price. This fee generally ranges anywhere from $200 - $600 and is given back as a refund once the dump truck is returned damage free. Also be aware of a possible per-mile surcharge that ranges from $.25 to $.65. Discuss the fine print with the dealer to have full disclosure of all fees in the contract prior to signing your agreement.

If the options seem too broad and you are unsure where to begin, consider getting free price quotes online prior to visiting your local dealer. Check out specifications ahead of time so that you know exactly what you are looking for before setting foot on the lot. Having a list of necessary components along with your wish list will help ensure you rent the right dump truck for your specific application.

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