Last Updated: February 07, 2023

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One of the best parts about running your own truck is being able to accessorize it how you wish. Customizing your ride is not solely for aesthetic purposes; especially if your semi is your livelihood. Ensuring a comfortable and safe "office on wheels" will keep productivity higher and provide more job satisfaction. While it is easy to get carried away with all the bells and whistles, keep everything simple by making wish list ahead of time.

Mulling over your options prior to shopping will help you avoid any impulse add-ons at the last minute. You want to ensure your purchases are worth the extra money. Researching ahead of time additionally helps you determine which parts and accessories are not as durable as others.

How Much Does a Custom Semi Truck Cost?

Purchasing a new semi is a considerable investment. Regardless whether you own a fleet of trucks or area single owner-operator, attaining a return on your investment will occur numerous times over as the years drive by.

Expect to pay a minimum of $85K for newer trucks. This figure can easily reach $175K to $225K depending on the size and year of the truck, whether it is a sleeper truck or a cab and how much horsepower you desire. Cargo capacity and fuel efficiency dramatically influence your bottom line. Be sure to research your specs prior to shopping so that you only view trucks that meet your criteria.

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Custom Semi Options

Let's face it, you will probably be spending copious amounts of time driving in your new rig. Comfort is key; however, let safety be high up on the list as well. The following are some of the common ways people outfit their custom semi truck to reflect their brand, personality, style and quality of service.

  • LED Lighting
  • Custom Logos and Graphics
  • New Paint
  • Chrome Package
  • Polished Aluminum Wheels
  • Tire and Rim Packages
  • Refurbished Interior Package
  • Detail Cut and Polish
  • New Rods and Mains
  • Chrome Headlights

The list goes on. If you are dealing with a reputable shop, have them conduct a full 32 point inspection and a new DOT inspection at the same time. Less downtime means getting all of your requirements completed as soon as possible. It's a great idea to book your truck in for service when you are ordering accessories. That kind of scheduling will help ensure that the mechanics and body work specialists can fit in your tall order once your product arrives.

Getting Ideas to Customize Your Semi

Not everyone is as technical as the next guy. That's ok! Simply look at photos of trucks with custom accessories and determine visually what you prefer. You can email or bring your magazine into any custom shop and they will be happy to discuss your options and estimate a budget. Many places offer different upgrading packages while others are willing to customize your individual choices and piecemeal a deal. Evaluate your needs vs. wants to ensure you stay within your budget! Some stores have annual blow out sales and you may be able to secure your wish list if you can be patient and are not in a rush.

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