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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Spray Paint Booth?

Summary: Spray Paint Booth Rental Prices

On average, expect to pay between $75/day up to $150/day or more. The larger the booth needed, the more the rental will cost. A double wide booth with heat can run $400 for two days. If you require a paint gun or any materials, be prepared to pay over and above the rental cost.

Spray Paint Booth Rental Cost

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Purchasing a paint booth can be an expensive endeavor; especially for those starting out. If you are in need of the occasional painting job or looking to secure regular time slots with a paint booth; renting may be a better option. This gives you the opportunity to try out different products, tools and paint prior to making your own costly investment. Talented folks who can spray their own cars, trucks, boats and smaller items can save themselves tons of money. Once you are driving around in a wicked paint job you did yourself, it probably won't be long before friends, family members and coworkers start asking for a makeover themselves.

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Spray Paint Booth?

There is a gamut of prices available when it comes to renting a spray paint booth. Pricing often depends on where you live and how much competition is in the area. Common rates are between $75/day up to $150/day or more. Know which booth size will be adequate before you start calling around. A double wide booth with heat can run $400 for two days. Some people know the facility well and get by with a 6 pack for payment; however, this is not likely to be the price for your first rental. If you do have future jobs lined up, maintain rapport with the shop so that you can work out an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Military discounts may be available.

Paint Booth Rental Questions to Ask

When you are inquiring about which facility will be the best to work with for your upcoming project, consider the following:

  • Many paint booths are associated with an automotive paint store. Some places offer a deal on paint or booth rentals if you purchase your supplies all from one place.
  • Is there a clean-up deposit fee over and above the rental price?
  • Drying time - is there a 12 hour, 24 hour or 48 hour maximum on your paint booth project? Can you leave your car, truck or project to dry overnight? Does the booth have a heat side available or do you need to factor in additional time for air drying?
  • Does this paint booth follow all the EPA rules?
  • Can you purchase masking tape and supplies or do you have to bring everything on your own?
  • Is there a prep area available?
  • Do you have your own approved spray gun? Can you rent or purchase one from them? Be prepared to have the job cancelled on you if you bring in an archaic piece of equipment. Any reputable location will not want to jeopardize their licensing agreements by allowing outdated equipment in their space.

Paint Booth Rental Considerations

Inquiring fully at the time of booking will save you from any excess fees and miscommunication. Get a receipt or contract as proof of payment in case you show up with your project another day with different staff. An organized business will welcome you and be expecting you; however, many places that rent their paint booths experience such a quick turnaround that it is best if the client shows up prepared. Quite often, the paint booth rental simply means you have a booth and a hook-up for the piped-in air. If you require a paint gun or any materials, be prepared to pay over and above the rental cost. Calling a few different places can be time consuming. If you prefer, simply fill out our free "request for quote" form to receive multiple quotes from local businesses who specialize in paint booth rentals.

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