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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Flatbed Tow Truck?

If you need to rent a wrecker, be prepared to pay a minimum of $100 per day. With mileage commonly running 50 cents/mile and of course insurance; your daily rental is approximately to $200/day or more depending on the size of rig you are after.

On average, a basic tow within 5 miles or less will typically be in the range of $35 to $125. Travelling via a 40 mile tow is in the range of $125 to $275. If you have to tow something 100 miles, the estimated cost is between $275 to $600; if however, you need a tow for hundreds of miles, expect to pay well over a thousand dollars.

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I Just Need to Lift Some Heavy Equipment

Depending on the task at hand, you may be better off simply hiring a flatbed tow truck and driver. Many have great experience with lifting a vertical mill or other awkward and heavy machinery. When you are inquiring about truck rentals, consider getting a quote for a driver to see what is the most economical and convenient.

Towing to a Repair Shop or Residence

If you are broken down and need a tow to a repair garage or back home, you will need to pay the hook-up cost otherwise known as the base rate. This fee is in the neighbourhood of $35 to $100. Be prepared to pay anywhere between $2.50 to $5 per mile. Some companies will include the initial 5 to 7 miles in their base rate. Smaller communities that do not have any competition may have significantly higher rates.

Pay More for Towing Heavy Duty Equipment and Trucks

Certain wrecker companies add an extra twenty to twenty-five percent for towing a heavy-duty vehicle or a truck. For example, a flat rate for local towing may be $60 for a regular vehicle; while a heavy duty will be closer to $150 - $175 hook up fee. Long distance tows may range in the $75 hook up fee range; although, call a few quotes as every company is different. A regular tow may run approximately $3.50 per mile but expect to pay closer to $5 to $7 per mile for heavy duty.

Winching Costs

There is such thing as a straight-forward tow and then there is the possibility of extra costs accrued if mud and a stuck vehicle are part of the equation. If you need a winch to complete the job properly, be sure an adequate one is on the flat bed tow truck you are renting. Difficult tows may be billed out between $50 to $200 per hour; whereas recoveries that require a winch may spend an additional $90 to $100 an hour.

After Hours Charges

Sometimes, an emergency situation or working around travel plans leaves you needing to rent a tow truck after hours or on holidays. Expect to pay a surcharge if you are hiring the truck on weekends, nights or holidays.

Give an Accurate Description of What You Need Towed

The more you can describe your needs to the tow truck rental company, the better off you will ensure being matched up with the ideal truck. Give an accurate description of the vehicle you need to tow, why you are towing it and its exact current location. Be sure to remove all personal items out of the vehicle prior to hooking up yourself or paying a driver to transport it on your behalf. Stay calm and focused to make sure everyone stays safe.

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