Last Updated: February 07, 2023

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The amount of money you decide to spend on your flatbed tow truck is based on a variety of factors. Just like any vehicle, there is a significant price difference between new and used models. Are you looking for a diesel or gas engine? What kind of towing jobs are you planning on completing; light duty work, medium duty or heavy duty jobs?

Determining your needs prior to shopping will drastically streamline your process and help you determine you budget ahead of time. How much does a flatbed tow truck cost? That ultimately depends on the features you want and what you are willing to shell out in order to secure them.

Determine Your Wish List

What kind of tires will ensure the best safety and success of your rig? Do you need to upgrade the winch for your specific towing capacity? Be sure to only look at trucks that meet your criteria to avoid falling in love with one that won’t enable you to get the job done or conversely, be way more than you require. Will you be working on narrower roads? Is side recovery a common recovery you will be performing in your area? There are some great Side Puller add-ons available including the SP20000 and SP8000 and P12000 to add versatility to your recovery missions. Ensure you winch meets the size and weight requirements for your day to day operations.

Used Models

You can secure a 2012 Hino 260 HP with 130,000 km for approximately $84K. This 358 S/A Automatic model is loaded with Air Ride and capable of 35,000 LBS G.V.W. Air brakes along with a 12K lbs winch and 22 foot Carrier Rollback that offers 15K LBS deck rating.

An older GMC C6500 2007 model with a 19 foot deck, capable of towing two cars can be yours for approximately $50K. Picking the most durable model available in your price range is vital for setting yourself up for a successful reputation.

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Brand New Tow Trucks

Are you seeking a fully loaded model or a basic unit? If you need all the bells and whistles, be prepared to pay as with any model. There are numerous configurations of cab/chassis style to choose from in order to secure the flexibility and profile you desire. Choose a body made from composite, aluminum, stainless steel or carbon, depending on your work environment.

A 2018 Kenworth Diesel Automatic Medium Duty T270 is approximately $90k. With 280 HP and a PX-7 Paccar engine, AG210L Suspension and Kilar Fabrication, you can feel confident tackling the most difficult jobs.

A 2016 T370 Kenworth can run you upwards of $210K new. Be specific with your needs vs. wants to ensure that you don’t pay for extra features you won’t use.


Used models may offer zero or a limited warranty. Other dealerships will offer extended warranties on their used equipment. If you don’t need something shiny and fresh off of the lot; peruse the used trucks and potentially save thousands of dollars. Shop around and take a bunch of test drives prior to making your purchase. You will be spending a lot of time in this vehicle if it is your mobile office. Deal with successful companies to ensure that future warranty work is completed on time and on schedule.

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