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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Vanguard Cleaning Systems?

Vanguard Cleaning Service Cost

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Commercial cleaning services employ well-trained staff focused solely on handling your business's cleaning needs. You don't have to worry about their payroll, sick time, annual leave, pension, 401(k), or providing them health benefits, because they don't work for you. Your organization gets all of the benefits – a clean, safe workspace – and none of the headaches. You have many choices when it comes to commercial cleaners, but for quality and experience, Vanguard Cleaning Systems are a top choice.

Vanguard's professional cleaners have the training to handle a variety of facility types and cleaning needs, including churches, office buildings, and schools. You'll find a Vanguard office in just about every major American city.

What Does Vanguard Cleaning Systems Offer?

Vanguard offers cleaning packages ranging from basic tasks such as vacuuming, removing trash, and sanitizing restrooms, to full cleaning services that include washing windows and buffing floors. These commercial cleaners allow you to customize your cleaning package to best suit your unique needs. They also offer flexible cleaning schedules to ensure the least interruption to workflow, with Vanguard inspectors regularly reviewing their employees' work to ensure you always receive the best quality.

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Basic cleaning services include floors, dusting, and trash collection, but the company also handles in-depth cleaning, from waxing and buffing floors to cleaning windows and bathrooms. For companies employing green initiatives, Vanguard also offers eco-friendly products and processes that help keep your facility environmentally safe. If you also want to implement a recycling program, Vanguard can even help with that.

Although you find most locations on the East Coast and in California, Vanguard has over 70 offices across North America, including parts of the Midwest. Every Vanguard office is located near a major city and you can reach them via phone or email.

How Much Does Vanguard Commercial Cleaning Cost?

Rates vary widely based on your location, building type, total cleaning area, and requested services. Package charges may be hourly (typically around $40 per hour) or by the square foot (rate varies by total square footage but averages around $0.15 per square foot). Lighter cleaning services typically come with a lower rate than deep cleaning. "Light" cleaning is defined as vacuuming, dusting, and emptying trash cans and you can expect to pay around $600 per month for this service for the average office, but large offices average around $3,500. Again, it all depends on the area to be cleaned and the package you choose.

Cleaning costs rise if yours is an industry with more stringent cleaning needs, such as schools, daycare centers, financial institutions, and medical facilities.

Before signing a contract, verify it has a cancellation clause that allows you to cancel without penalty if the service does not meet your standards or expectations. Also, ask about add-on pricing, such as window cleaning, carpet extracting, and exterior power washing, and whether these tasks are offered on an as-needed basis. For example, you may request a standard, light cleaning package, but want to add deep cleaning services a few times per year, or even a monthly deep clean with weekly light cleaning. Again, it all depends on your particular needs. Luckily, Vanguard allows package customization.

Video: High Touch Point and Electrostatic Disinfection Services

Watch this video describing Vanguard's enhanced disinfection processes.


Author: Ashley Smith

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