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Compare Business DSL vs Cable Internet Access Costs

Business DSL Service Service Overview

DSL is Internet provided by the phone company through the existing telephone network. High-speed data is delivered to your business through copper wires. In order to have DSL, you need a phone line and a DSL modem.

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DSL Internet Cost

DSL usually costs $25 to $35 per month, depending on speed, although many companies offer introductory rates of around $20 per month for six months to one year. Unless you own a modem, budget about $10 extra per month to rent one.

DSL Internet Pros

  • Lower cost - DSL tends to be less expensive than cable Internet. In some cases, it’s about half the price.
  • No shared bandwidth - Because copper wires run directly to each home, DSL users don’t share bandwidth with their neighbors. Unlike cable, Internet speeds are are not affected by the number of people using the Internet at once. The speed is consistent throughout the day, even in times of peak usage.

DSL Internet Cons

  • Speed - Even though the speed is consistent throughout the day, DSL tends to be slower than cable Internet, which is a newer technology. In most cases, uploads and downloads will take longer with DSL.
  • Distance limitations - The speed of DSL is impacted by the distance from your home to the phone company’s central office or servers. The longer the distance, the slower the Internet will be. Anyone who is more than five miles away will have slower speeds than with cable Internet.

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Cable Internet Access Overview

Cable Internet is another form of broadband that is provided using the same coaxial cables that bring cable TV to your home. Most cable providers offer Internet service. And in most cases, cable Internet is available in any neighborhood that is equipped for cable TV.

Cable Internet Cost

Basic cable Internet costs about $40 to $60 per month, although many companies offer introductory rates of around $30 per month or bundle packages that offer discounted service to those who also sign up for cable TV and telephone service. Renting a modem costs about $10 per month.

Cable Internet Pros

  • Speed - In most cases, cable Internet is faster than DSL. Upload and download speeds will be considerably faster.
  • No distance limitations - The speed of cable Internet is not impacted by the proximity of your home to the central hub. It doesn’t matter whether you live two miles away or 20.

Cable Internet Cons

  • More expensive - Cable is typically more expensive than DSL. In some cases, the price is double.
  • Shared bandwidth - With cable Internet, you share bandwidth with other cable users in your immediate area. During times of peak usage, the Internet speed is slower.

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Author: Ashley Smith


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