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Compare Direct Mail vs Email Marketing Costs

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Direct Mail Marketing Services Overview

Direct mail has long been a popular method of marketing. It’s an effective, cost-efficient way to get your message to current or potential customers. Direct mail can be used to advertise new products, promote a sale, distribute coupons, target new customers or simply to spread a message.

Direct mail comes in many different forms. Send letters, brochures, post cards, greeting cards or fliers. Send mailings to every address in a certain geographic area or target certain groups of people, such as former customers or people who have recently purchased a home.

Direct mail marketing companies can walk you through the process of choosing the best type of mailing to reach your audience. They will design a piece of mail based on your desired outcome and send it to the list of people you select.

Cost of Direct Mail Marketing Services

Direct mail marketing companies usually charge on a per-piece basis. The price depends on many factors, including the type of mailing, the number of recipients, the type of list, the type of postage, and whether the mailing is in black and white or color.

Generally, prices range from $.30 to $2.50 per mailing. Letters usually cost anywhere from $.50 to $.80 each, while postcards cost anywhere from $.30 to $.80.

Direct Mail Marketing Services Pros

  • Mature industry - The direct mail business is more mature than the email marketing business. Direct mail marketers have a better idea of which marketing methods lead to success and the mailing lists tend to be more accurate and up-to-date.
  • Less customer resistance - The average consumer is less inclined to be upset by receiving unsolicited paper mail. Perhaps because email is a much newer medium, consumers put up more resistance to “spam” than they do “junk mail.”

Direct Mail Marketing Services Cons

  • More expensive - Direct mail is typically more expensive, largely due to the cost of printing the material.
  • Time consuming - Direct mail marketing is a much longer process than email marketing. You have to choose a design and strategy, wait for the pieces to be printed and then wait for them to be delivered. It could be weeks or months before you start to see results.
  • Less interactive - You can send a coupon with direct mail and hope your customers respond. But other than that, there’s little opportunity for direct interaction or feedback. You just have to hope the message resonates.

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Email Marketing Service Overview

In today’s technology-obsessed world, email is one of the most powerful and effective methods of reaching your customers. Many of your customers use email as a primary means of communication.

An email marketing campaign is a great way to build customer relationships, make sales and promote your brand. Create bulk mailing campaigns to announce a special offer or reward loyal customers. Target specific demographics and send surveys to request feedback, among many other strategies.

There are three basic types of email marketing services: subscription-based services, software providers and full-service providers. Subscription-based services charge a monthly fee for use of their email marketing software, while software providers sell you their software outright. Neither has anything to do with the content of your email messages; that’s up to you. Full-service providers handle all of your email marketing from start to finish, managing both technology and content.

Email Marketing Cost

Subscription-based email marketing services are the least expensive. Most charge a monthly or annual fee for their services, but the fee varies based on the complexity of your email marketing needs and the number of emails addresses the service needs to manage. Budget anywhere from $300 to $1,500 per year.

Software and full-service providers come with a much higher price tag. In-house software can costs tens of thousands upfront, while full-service providers usually charge several thousand dollars per month.

Email Marketing Pros

  • Faster - Email marketing requires very little production time. There’s no printing or mailing involved. Simply create your message, design the email and press send. The marketing campaign will take hold much faster.
  • Less expensive - Email marketing is typically less expensive than direct mail, largely because there are no printing costs involved.
  • More interactive - Email marketing gives you more opportunities to interact with your customers. For example, you can ask them to fill out a survey or include a link back to your website to redeem a coupon.

Email Marketing Cons

  • Spam concerns - Consumers are very sensitive to email they consider spam. With email marketing, you have to make sure the recipients have “opted-in” to receive email from your company or authorized partners. If not, you can be reported as a spammer. If you’re reported as a spammer too many times, your website can be shut down.
  • Mailing list problems - Because email marketing is not as mature as direct mail, the mailing lists tend to be flawed. Unless you have your own database of email addresses, any list you purchase is likely to contain a significant number of email address that are incorrect or were obtained without permission.

Author: Ashley Smith

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